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New tax breaks for the newly self employed!

Here is a brief summary of Andalusian tax aid for the newly self-employed, correct as of the date of publication of this article. Please note that these are summaries of tax breaks currently being offered in Andalucia which we offer for informative purposes only.

Tax deductions for the self-employed in 2018

The self employed have a determined number of expenses that can be deducted from their income as legitimate business expenses. In this article, chartered accountant María Luisa Cervantes, senior partner at Cervates Alarcón Consulting,...

Government closes cooperative invoicing services

The Ministry of Employment recently forcibly dissolved a cooperative re-invoicing service called Factoo (formally Fidelis Factu, S. Coop) for infringing several employment laws. The most serious charge was that of helping to fake autónomos,...

A new law for the self-employed

The Spanish national Congress has approved a draft law for the self-employed (source). Here is an overview of what to expect. Update: We have published a new overview of the law as approved by...