Staff & Employment

Employing staff can be a nightmare, we know. Which is why we want to make it easier for you.

Employing new staff

Making sure you offer the right sort of contract when you hire a new member of staff is vital. We don’t limit our services to blindly following what you ask for, we’ll listen to your needs, and those of the new member of staff, and advise you as to the correct legal contract to offer.

We are also able to advise in the case of disputes with staff, making sure that you act in accordance to the law and thus prevent any legal actions from staff members or ex-employees.

Payroll services

All companies are legally obliged to contract out payroll services to authorised accountants. We are fully licensed and bonded in this field and you can outsource your 100% of your contractual Human Resources needs to us.

We will produce your monthly payroll and send you the paperwork you need to keep each month, along with the salary lists. We also file all employment taxes on your behalf, negotiate with the worker unions applicable to your business, ensure the insurance is up to date and keep your business legal in the case of any inspection by the Authorities.

Don’t miss out on government grants!

Our clients save money when they use us.

The Spanish and regional government of Andalusia offer a whole range of grants and tax cuts to companies who are hiring staff. We are constantly up to date on the changing face of employment law and will advise you as to your eligibility.

And if a new tax cut comes out for workers you already have on the payroll, we’ll automatically apply the deductions and let you know.