Replate your vehicle in Spain

Importing your vehicle into Spain?

By demand of our customers, we are pleased to offer a replating service for all types of vehicles.

Remember that depending upon your circumstances and the type of vehicle, there are a number of exceptions that may mean you have to pay less import tax, or even avoid it altogether!

Don’t try to navigate this complicated system without the advice and guidance of a professional. Get in touch with us today to import your vehicle into Spain and we’ll ensure you have a hassle free experience.

Contact us today. You can send us the documents via email, and we’ll arrange the technical inspections at a location convenient to you.

It is impossible to say how much this service will cost you in total without having carried out a personal study into the tax situation of the vehicle, but expect to pay from €500 to have the process completed. By registering your car as soon as you arrive in Spain, you can save yourself from having to pay registration taxes.

We are currently running a special offer – it can cost you as little as 250euros + taxes + technical inspection!

Download our free e-book

We have produced a free e-book which explains the whole process of matriculating your vehicle in Spain. Updated for 2017!

Enter your email address here and we’ll email you the file (pdf, required Adobe Acrobat to open).

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