Personal Taxation

As fully qualified chartered accountants we are able to offer a full personal taxation service.

And with our many British customers, we have a unique knowledge of the challenges you face living here in Spain.

Our knowledge of the UK – Spain tax treaty system means we can help you save money on your personal taxation matters. Don’t entrust your situation to an accountant who has not worked in this field before – it could cost you money if they are unaware of tax exemptions that might apply to you.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

Non Resident tax services

Generally reporting of non resident taxes is a very straightforward affair, certainly for the typical holiday home owner that does not earn any income from their Spanish property. Our basic service involves:

  • registering the taxpayer with the Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria) if they are not already registered
  • preparing their returns based on information they provide to us (normally a copy of their IBI or rates bill will suffice)
  • submitting the required Form 210 returns

There can be snags that come up but it is normally simple and can all be done online/by email.  We charge a basic 30€ for the service, with an additional €10 for each additional return on the same property (e.g. in the case of a home owned by a husband and wife).  You don’t have to be in Spain to do this, we do it all on your behalf.

They may be situations where the above does not apply, so contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll explain exactly what you have to do.

Resident tax services

Anyone resident in Spain is likely to have to file a personal tax return every year (declaración de la renta) although there are lots of exemptions. We will file a basic renta on your behalf for just €35, although more complicated rentas may be more. A free quotation is available. Click here to read more on this service.