Operating a tourism rental

We make it simple to rent out your property in Andalucía.

Rental property is broadly divided into three regulated sectors in Andalucía:

  • Long term (more than two months to the same person or entity)
  • Short term rural rentals
  • Short term urban rentals

Cervantes Alarcón Consulting can quickly register your rental property with the Authorities and ensure your tax situation is prepared to maximise your profits. Scroll down for your free e-book covering the law.

We are not a real estate agency nor a rental agency – we are chartered accountants who will give you proper independent advice on tax structures and accounting strategies.

Planning your venture should begin as soon as possible – if you are planning to purchase a property to rent, contact us before buying to minimise your future tax liabilities.

You don’t want to buy only to find out that your new property can’t be rented! We give you the independent legal advice on communities, rental law and local urban by-laws that most estate agents can’t.

Short term urban rentals?

We are delighted to present our free e-book, «Operating a tourism rental in Andalucía».

Who should read this guide

This guide is aimed at property owners who wish to rent out their properties or homes for short term holiday lets in the region of Andalucía which are subject to Andalusian decree 28/2016 of the 2nd of February (Decreto 28/2016 de 2 de Febrero de las viviendas con fines turísticos).

Under this decree, holiday lets are considered to be properties located in a residential area which offer, in exchange for a fee, a habitual letting service for tourists. The service must additionally be advertised in some fashion, either through a letting agency, online web service, printed advert or similar.

Rental properties can be:

  • Letting of homes. The property is let in its entirety and its maximum capacity is limited to 15 people.
  • Letting of rooms. Individual rooms are let and the property owner must reside within the home. Its maximum capacity is limited to 6 people.

In either case, no more than four people may be assigned to each room.

The decree is also applicable to urban homes which are used for AirBnB or other such online letting services.

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Buying to let?

Don’t delay! Contact us before buying so we can advise you on the process of buying.

Buy to let in Andalucía involves a myriad of problems that you may not have considered. From checking whether community rules allow the type of rental you want, to examining local by-laws to make sure your new venture is legal, you need independent legal advice before you spend your money. We can’t help you find the property – but we can make sure it’s suitable for what you need!

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