NIE & Residency

If you are going to live full or part time in Spain you will need to a NIE, a número de identidad de extranjero (foreigners identification number).

Even if you are a citizen of another EU member state, you will need to prove to the Spanish authorities that you have a way of supporting yourself here if you plan to stay for more than three months of the year. You will need to register on the Registro Central de Extranjeros and be assigned a NIE number. It is a personal, unique and exclusive number that identifies you to the Spanish administration, and you will be required to show how you plan to support yourself whilst living in Spain (proof of income from pensions or a job).

However daunting this seems at first sight, we can prepare all the paperwork for you and ensure that you meet the requirements before applying, ensuring only one personal interview and a quick application process. You will be required to travel to your nearest National Police station to submit the documentation in person (unless you have a valid reason to excuse yourself from this interview and grant us a Power of Attorney to submit the application on your behalf) but we can arrange for a translator to go with you, although since very few questions are asked usually no translator is required.

If you are abroad, you will be able to apply via your nearest Spanish consulate.

We can also sort our your healthcare rights in Spain.

Contact us today to get the application started, you can send your paperwork by email.

Send everything by email!