Import & Export

If you buy and sell across national boundaries, even within the EU, you are adding an additional layer of complexity to your business that requires special attention from a subject expert.

Do it right, first time

Getting the paperwork right is vital. A simple error can cost you money down the line, when the first dreaded letters from the Tax Agency start to drop through the door.

Cervantes Alarcón Consulting has ample experience in importing and exporting goods and services, both across EU borders and to the wider world.

Meaning the paperwork gets filed properly, the correct amount of tax -and no more- is paid and you can concentrate on buying and selling.

Buying across the EU?

Purchasing goods on a regular basis across EU borders – for example, shipping in UK foodstuff or German beers – may be simpler than it used to be, but still requires close attention to customs regulation and import duties.

Case studies

  1. Cervantes Alarcón was recently contacted as a matter of urgency by a small wholesaler who had been purchasing UK goods for resale in Spain. Although the business was profitable, the owner was horrified when he started to receive unpaid tax demands for thousands of euros from Hacienda. The company’s previous asesor had not been filing the appropriate customs exemption forms at the time of shipping, leaving the business exposed to €1,000’s in unpaid taxes, fines and late payment penalties.
  2. A popular central European bar had decided to start shipping in a range of their national beers. Cervantes Alarcón setup an import regime scheme which allowed the small bar to correctly import pallets of their favourite drinks from wholesalers back in their home country on a regular basis. They now offer a unique product to customers, are able to resell part of the product on to the trade nearby and have a new business stream earning them money every quarter.

Contact us today!

An in-depth sit down consultation can be arranged for just €50 – which we will then discount off any service you contract with us if you decide to go ahead. We’ll discuss exactly what you need, and how to get there in the cheapest and quickest way possible. We’ll also identify any potential legal problems with your venture.

We can issue you with a firm, no-obligation and free quote if you contact us with a description of the service you need, although we cannot calculate exact import costs or taxation rates without studying your case.

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