Conveyancing for you

Purchasing property in Spain is a very different process to purchasing in the UK or other EU countries. And with Brexit, this is just becoming more complicated.

Did you know: The Spanish don’t use lawyers (abogados) to fulfil conveyancing? Instead, they use gestores. As a fully registered gestoria who mainly deals with the Spanish market, we use the same process the Spanish use when buying property, in a simpler, faster and cheaper manner than most firms aimed at foreigners use. And in English!

We can take care of the whole conveyancing process.

We are 100% independent and do not work with any real estate agency. This gives you the peace of mind you need to purchase safely in Almería.

Buying a property in Spain need not be difficult – many agencies make it look more difficult than it really is in order to inflate costs. We take you through the same process the Spanish are used to, always bearing in mind that you may need special guidance in English as you are buying abroad.

We take of the whole conveyancing process. We ensure that the property is free of debts and wholly legal to purchase before you put any money down on a deposit!

We also work with your bank to ensure that any application for finance is not held up by incomplete paperwork from your side.

If you aren’t in Spain for part or all of the process, we can assume a power of attorney in your name to complete for you. We will also obtain any missing Spanish identification numbers you may need, depending upon your residency status; and we can advise you as to the tax implications of becoming resident or not.

We will give you true, independent advice on which bank account to open if you don’t have one.

We will show you the true cost of running your new house: local rates (IBI), community fees, rubbish and other taxes. We will also ensure that all bills are either paid in full or you are exonerated from paying bills issued before your purchase.

We will draw up a contract on the new home, or ensure the validity of the contract offered you, making sure it has no disadvantageous clauses for you.

We know that often your new home will represent a large part of your life savings and always work with this in our minds.

We will offer  all the advice that we consider could be useful such as in whose name to to put the property, advice on future capital gains tax when you sell, possible exemptions, wills, NIE numbers, residency status, inheritance taxes, opening a bank account , powers of attorney  etc.

We will liaise with the notary to prepare the new title deeds (in Spain, new title deeds are drawn up every time a property is sold) and ensure everything is ready for the day of the purchase. You just have to turn up and sign!

Sometimes we have to recommend that you don’t proceed with the purchase of the property. If we discover an illegality, large debt or other problem with your new home, we will sit down, fully explain the situation to you and together look for a solution.

The sooner we get involved, the easier it is for you

Never put down a euro on a property until a gestor has checked it out for you. It’s a quick process and any genuine seller will allow this to go ahead.

Contact us before putting down a deposit to ensure peace of mind. We will need to check that the home is legal; the sellers property to sell and that the sales contract does not contain any disadvantageous clauses.

Your gestor is your ally – we’re the difference between loving your new property and tears!

So contact us today to chat about conveyancing your new property in Almería. Or call us on 950 106 490.