Company Accounts

How you do your accounts has a significant impact on the profitability of your business. An inattentive accountant, or one who does not fully understand your needs, can cost you dear by missing opportunities or not informing you of grants, tax rebates and accounting possibilities that may interest you.

You are at the heart of everything we do

Whether it’s analysing your accounts to identify financial routes to growth, advising you on how to cut bank fees, properly applying fiscal deductions to your taxes or simply explaining in plain English how to operate the finance side of your business, we are here to help.

Because when your business grows, so do we.

Other accountants take your paperwork and file it.

We help you understand what is happening and how to save money.

Here are some of the services we can offer the self employed:

  • Getting started: We’ll register you both with the appropriate government agencies, order all obligatory books and help you request any licences you need to operate.
  • Advice on setup, IVA, retentions, invoicing and other practical requirements, personal tax implications, social security options, international considerations.
  • Ongoing advice on all day to day tax and business matters that arise.
  • Quarterly and annual declarations.
  • Keeping accounting books and records sufficient to meet legal obligations and produce declarations.
  • Obtaining IVA (VAT) refunds and other dealings with the Agencia Tributaria (for example in relation to unpaid back taxes or retentions).
  • Management accounts: analysis of sales, costs and profitability to an individual specification (charged separately).

We welcome queries on all company matters and will answer them free of charge (although please note that without studying your case we cannot provide specific guaranteed legal advice).

Contact us today to get started with a firm, no-obligation quote!

An in-depth sit down consultation can be arranged for just €50 – which we will then discount off any service you contract with us if you decide to go ahead. We’ll discuss exactly what you need, and how to get there in the cheapest and quickest way possible. We’ll also identify any potential legal problems with your venture.

Please note: Our standard business service is designed to accommodate all monthly and annual accountancy needs. The amount we charge is flexible depending upon the amount of work you generate.

It includes:

  • It includes your registration onto the self employment register and with the tax office, if applicable.
  • It includes ordering all obligatory books and registration onto any official records that you are required to be a member of to carry out your business (taxes and purchase costs will be separate).
  • It includes reception and treatment of any past accountancy records.
  • It includes all monthly, quarterly and annual obligatory tax and social security records.
  • It includes bank account conciliation with for accountancy purposes.
  • It includes accountancy or employment requests for advice (but only when the subject is the contract holder).
  • It includes the keeping of accounting books and records sufficient to meet legal obligations and produce declarations.
  • It includes the obtaining of IVA (VAT) refunds and other dealings with the Agencia Tributaria (for example in relation to unpaid back taxes or retentions when these correspond to the service period contracted for).
  • It includes filing the monthly social security obligations of one administrator.

The monthly price will be modified by:

  • Employee registration and dismissal
  • Size of monthly payroll generation
  • Generation of disciplinary documents for employees
  • Excessive enquiries, administrative tasks and data inputting

The monthly price does not include:

  • Annual IRPF or other personal tax declaration for share-holders, employees or administrators.
  • Personal tax advice for company employees or share-holders.
  • The payment of any tax or charge incurred upon the filing of company accounts, notices, official adverts or status changes.
  • Negotiation of bank loans, leasing, renting or charge-back arrangements.
  • Chasing providers, suppliers or customers for copies of invoices or other documentation.
  • Bulk printing or destruction of records.
  • Other services such as debt chasing, import / export services, etc.
  • Recovering previous records from past accountancy services, or data inputting of any accountancy records prior to the commencement of our contracted service.
  • Legal consultations which are not linked to the daily accountancy or social services of your company.
  • The management of any issue that did not arise during the term of contracted service with us will be outside of the scope of our contracted service agreement.
  • Dealing with any agency for any purpose beyond that which can reasonably be understood as being part of the “included services” list for your personal business. (We’ll sort it out for you, of course, but will have to make a reasonable charge for our time at standard discounted rates for existing clients).

So contact us today for a personalised consultation and firm, no-obligation quote.