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New tax breaks for the newly self employed!

Here is a brief summary of Andalusian tax aid for the newly self-employed, correct as of the date of publication of this article. Please note that these are summaries of tax breaks currently being offered in Andalucia which we offer for informative purposes only.

Lending money to a company?

If you are considering loaning money at zero or low interest to a family member to help them get their new business off the ground, be clever and loan the money to them, not...

Tax deductions for the self-employed in 2018

The self employed have a determined number of expenses that can be deducted from their income as legitimate business expenses. In this article, chartered accountant María Luisa Cervantes, senior partner at Cervates Alarcón Consulting,...

How to buy property in Spain

A 5 minute guide for people who want to buy property or land in Spain. This article is divided into the following sections (click to jump there): Legal advice | Translators | Mortgages |...