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Government closes cooperative invoicing services

The Ministry of Employment recently forcibly dissolved a cooperative re-invoicing service called Factoo (formally Fidelis Factu, S. Coop) for infringing several employment laws. The most serious charge was that of helping to fake autónomos, according to the Ministry in a press release. Now people who used the services are the[…]

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Using food to boost a salary

If you are planning to employ a member of staff who travels a lot – even if just to local clients or suppliers – you can pay for their food allowances. This allows you to boost their salary without having to contribute more IRPF (income tax) on their salary. If[…]

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A new law for the self-employed

The Spanish national Congress has approved a draft law for the self-employed (source). Here is an overview of what to expect. Employment minister Fátima Báñez said: “This law provides greater security and social protection to this vital sector of the economy”. The law, called the Ley de Reformas Urgentes del[…]

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Municipal capital gains tax banished by courts

The Constitutional Court (TC) has annulled the municipal tax on capital gains, which in theory taxes the revaluation of real estate when the assets are sold but in practice is always paid, even the assets have lost value. This means that the municipal tax levied upon the sale of properties[…]

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Have you paid your ITP tax on your rental?

Although many tenants are not aware of this, when renting they have to pay a tax called ITP (impuesto sobre transmisiones patrimoniales). And this year, most regions of Spain will be cracking down on defaulters – which means the tenant will be liable. Although the rental of commercial space (offices,[…]

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Sign your leasing during 2015 for additional benefits

Planning to obtain an asset via a leasing? Leasing is a financially useful way to obtain new assets for your business. Whether it be a new car or a new machine, a lease allows you to pay small periodic payments which can be written off against your bottom line. If you’re[…]

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Autonomo monthly payments set to rise

If you are self employed and pay social security as an autónomo you are likely to see your monthly payment go up by at least 2 euros as from next year. The reason is an increase in the base tax rate at which you are charged your social security payments,[…]

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Can you send your invoices as pdf by email? You can now!

Until now, Hacienda (the tax office) has always refused to confirm the exact conditions under which small businesses can send invoices via email. They would only say that the system of sending had to guarantee the authenticity of the sender and contents of the invoice and that these guarantees required[…]

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