How to apply for your residency if you are British and you live in the UK thinking on moving to Spain

• Not being a citizen of a state of the European Union, the European Economic area or Switzerland, or a family member of citizens of these countries to whom the Union citizen regime applies.

• Not being illegally in Spanish territory.

• APPLY THIS IN THE UK BEFORE TO MOVE TO SPAIN: Police Certificate. Lack of criminal records in Spain and in the countries where they have resided during the last five years, for existing crimes in the Spanish legal system:

(cost of this service, addresses where they send, documents that you will need to make the application, how long it takes, etc.)

APPLY THIS IN THE UK BEFORE TO MOVE TO SPAIN: VISA. It is valid for 3 months and you must apply in advance before leaving the UK and for a specific purpose. There are different types depending on whether you come to live and work, live without working, etc. when you already have the financial means to do so. The Consulates are in EDINBURGH, LONDON and MANCHESTER. You will have to contact and go to the one that corresponds to you according to your address

(information about where, cost and how to get your visa in the UK if you are moving to Spain)

(telefphones and emails from the three UK Consultes)

  • Not being prohibited from entering Spain and not appearing as rejectable in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to that effect.
  • Have the necessary economic means to cover the expenses of stay and return and, where appropriate, those of their relatives, in accordance with the following amounts:
  • 1) For monthly maintenance, 400% of the IPREM. (equivalent to or higher than 24,000 euros per year or that amount in a saving account through a bank statement). The income document must be issued by your bank, in case of showing savings, the owner(s) must be well identified with full name, last name and, if possible, associate it with their personal identification number, like passport number. Initials of the name or that leave doubts about the full identity of the owner or documents obtained online are not helful. If you have regular income that is equal to or higher than the established limit, you can provide the document that proves them.
  • 2) For the support of each of their members of the family, monthly, 100% of the IPREM. (Equal to or greater than 7.200 euros per year for each of the family members)
  • Contract an Spanish private health insurance arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Not suffer from any of the diseases that may have serious public health repercussions in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations of 2005.
  • Not being, where appropriate, within the commitment period of non-return to Spain that the foreigner has assumed when taking advantage of a voluntary return program.
  • Once you obtain the certificate from the police and the visa, you must travel to Spain to start the residence application with the help of an Advisor. You have a period of three months to start the process in Spain, remember that you need an appointment and more documentation that you will have to request in Spain. If you do not speak Spanish, put yourself in the hands of a trusted advisor from the beginning of your arrival to help you with the process and it will be faster.

Maria Luisa

María Luisa Cervantes is a chartered accountant who graduated from the University of Granada in 2002. Founder of Cervantes Alarcón Consulting, she is an experienced accountant and financial advisor who is a member of the Almería guild of economists. With more than 15 years of experience in business administration and international trade, she is also a subject matter expert in the UK - Spanish bilateral agreements which cover the rights of expats to live, work and retire in Spain.