Stuck in the sticks? The government is offering cash to get you connected to the internet!

The national government is offering cash to help the self-employed and small businesses in rural and small urban areas gain access to high speed internet.

Grants of up to €400 are available to help you offset the cost of the setup and installation of alternative high speed internet lines when standard internet access of up to 10Mbps is not available.

In other words, if you live in a rural area or village, and your landline ADSL doesn’t offer an average minimum speed of 10Mbps, you can get a grant to install an alternative faster technology if you need internet. You have to be self-employed or a small business (PYME).

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Who is eligible?

In order to have access to these grants, you must comply with the following basic requirements:

  • Be self-employed or the owner of a small business (PYME)
  • Live in a municipality with a padrón of fewer than 5,000 people (see our article here for what is the padrón?)
  • Not be subscribed to any commercial internet service with a registered average speed of more than 10 Mbps
  • And be seeking to install an internet link of at least 30 Mbps

The aim of the grants is to help business people who don’t have access to high speed internet install a fast connection link.

No landline or bad internet? Get cash from the government to buy the equipment for an alternative connection!

What is being paid for?

Grants of up to €400 are available to offset the cost of purchasing new access equipment.

If you are not registered for IVA, then this tax can also be included in the grant request. Otherwise, you must deduct the cost of the IVA from the equipment you are purchasing. This is in accordance with the principles established in article 31.8 of Law 38/2003 de noviembre, General de Subvenciones.

What level of grant can I expect?

The grant varies depending upon the type of service you are installing. The internet connection must offer a minimum average speed of 30Mbps.

As a general rule of thumb, the following types of grants are available:

  • €400 if you are installing a satellite internet connection
  • €150 if you are installing a terrestrial radio internet connection
  • €50 if you are installing a terrestrial cabled internet connection

The Ministry of Employment, which is behind the grants, says that it is promoting a «principle of technology neutrality». In other words, it is not favouring any technology but instead calculating the average cost of installing each type of technology and offering the same level of finance.

How much money is available?

The national government says it will make €50 million in grants available from now until December 2020. So you have until 2020, or until the money runs out, whichever comes first.

How can I apply?

Clients of Cervantes Alarcón Consulting should approach us for help.

Otherwise, your selected internet provider should be able to help you request the grant.

Maria Luisa

María Luisa Cervantes is a chartered accountant who graduated from the University of Granada in 2002. Founder of Cervantes Alarcón Consulting, she is an experienced accountant and financial advisor who is a member of the Almería guild of economists. With more than 15 years of experience in business administration and international trade, she is also a subject matter expert in the UK - Spanish bilateral agreements which cover the rights of expats to live, work and retire in Spain.