Autonomo monthly payments set to rise

If you are self employed and pay social security as an autónomo you are likely to see your monthly payment go up by at least 2 euros as from next year.

The reason is an increase in the base tax rate at which you are charged your social security payments, which will go up by 1% as from January 2016. The minimum base rate for autónomos will go up eight euros to 893.10 euros a month, meaning the monthly social security contribution will rise from 264 euros to 266 euros.

In just two years the minimum amount you pay for being self employed has gone up by 10 euros, or 120 euros a year, according to a study by ATARA (Asociación de Trabajadores Autónomos Rurales de Almería).

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Maria Luisa

María Luisa Cervantes is a chartered accountant who graduated from the University of Granada in 2002. Founder of Cervantes Alarcón Consulting, she is an experienced accountant and financial advisor who is a member of the Almería guild of economists. With more than 15 years of experience in business administration and international trade, she is also a subject matter expert in the UK - Spanish bilateral agreements which cover the rights of expats to live, work and retire in Spain.